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About RS Gurbani

I, Feel privileged and proud to be sikh, the follower of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and tiny sewadar who is engaged in trying to learn & follow Guruji mission.

As you all know, we are in the era of multi-tasking, we are doing exactly in this initiative, while listening the Gurbani ourselves, we are purifying our own thought and deeds along with spreading the gurujis messages through Gurbani Kirtan.

“Kalyug mei kirtan pardhana,
Gurmukh japiye laye thiyaana”

This is the moment to express our gratitude to sahi Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which is a guiding force for all of us to do sewa of Humanity without any kind of barriers, be it religion, cast, creed or Geographical boundaries.

Manas Ki Jaat, Sabhe-ek hi pehchan bo

All humans should be treated as equal and we have to make this world beautiful & livable.

We herby dedicate all the efforts to almighty “Waheguru Ji”.

Our Mission

He, the almighty, The one who creates, Sustain    & dissolves, All that comes to Be And Not, In eternal motion of The Wheel of Time… It is He who truly Serves and Delivers all. In Selfless surrender to his Divine Cause, We Devote Our selves to Follow His Footsteps. Beyond the barriers Of caste, creed and religion, Of geography and politics, We Pledge To Serve In Uttar Selflessness In the name of His True Messenger Guru Nanak Devji Maharaj.

Our Vision

In True Spirit of Universal Brotherhood, We envision Upliftment of our underprivileged Brother’s & Sisters Across the World, Through greater access to, Advance Healthcare & Education. With single minded focus We strive towards fulfilling this vision.